Eligible Drivers

Eligible drivers of Iowa State University vehicles include all university employees, graduate students, undergraduate students, volunteers conducting activities or programs for the good of the university, other Regents employees, and members of eligible affiliated organizations driving for university approved business travel. Drivers must have a valid current U.S. operator’s license for the vehicle being driven, be at least 18 years old, and have an acceptable driver record per university guidelines. Eligible drivers will not be allowed to drive a university-owned vehicle if the driving history record shows any of the following:

  • Two citations for a moving violation within the last 12 months.
  • Two vehicle accidents within the last 12 months.
  • One accident and one moving violation within the last 12 months.
  • One accident or one moving violation in combination with a cautionary notification letter from the Department of Transportation in the last 12 months.
  • One citation for blood alcohol content within the last 12 months. Cases not yet resolved in the courts will be considered grounds for temporarily denying permission to drive a university vehicle.
  • A current licensing requirement for specialized motor vehicle insurance (i.e., SR-22 automobile liability Insurance) to operate a vehicle.
  • Conviction for reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, license suspension or other crime(s) that results in license suspension within the last 24 months.
  • Conviction(s) or charges pending due to a violation of statutes that affects the driver's license within the last 24 months.
  • Suspension, revocation or barring of driving privileges for violating statutes, including but not limited to operating while intoxicated (OWI), vehicular homicide, and habitual violations within the last 24 months.
  • Any driving offense punishable as a felony within the last 24 months.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Approved Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks are valid for 12 months.  Requests will be processed as quickly as possible; however, some states have additional requirements that may extend processing by days or weeks. Drivers are encouraged to submit an MVR check at least seven business days in advance of expected travel dates.

  1. Eligible drivers must submit an MVR check request through the Motor Vehicle Record Check request form prior to driving a university vehicle.
  2. After submitting the request, individuals will receive an email from HireRight, Iowa State’s background check provider, with a link and instructions on how to submit the required information.
  3. Once the MVR check has been processed, the individual will receive an email notifying them of their driving eligibility status. Supervisors (for ISU employees, including student employees) and/or advisors (for those driving on behalf of an ISU student organization) will be copied on the email notification. 

Please note: eligible drivers are responsible for notifying the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours of any violation(s) that may impact their approved driving status.

Creating an Agile Profile

  1. All drivers need a current Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and an Agile FleetCommander Profile.
  2. The profile request will be sent to University Transportation Services’ pending queue, where staff will review and complete your profile once an approved MVR has been received.
    • Your username is your ISU NetID (your Iowa State email without @iastate.edu). Your password will be the same as your ISU login/Okta password.  If the Agile system will not allow you to create a new profile using your NetID and Okta password, it’s likely because you already have an Agile profile.
    •  Also please note Agile FleetCommander cannot accept spaces in your password.  If your password contains a space, you will need to create a new Okta password, then create an Agile profile with your NetID and new password.
    •  Contact transdispatch@iastate.edu with any questions/issues.
  3. Once your profile request has been fully processed, you will receive a “Welcome” email.  After you receive the "Welcome" email, you will be able to make your reservation online at any time using Agile. The “Welcome” email includes instructions on using Agile FleetCommander and the kiosk. 

Note:  Undergraduate students are not eligible to make vehicle reservations through Agile FleetCommander.  Vehicle requests for student organization trips should be made through the Student Organization and Travel Authorization (SOTA) system; vehicle reservations for class/capstone projects should be made by your TA, faculty instructor or departmental personnel.

Departmental Travel

To reserve a vehicle for a department rental with University Transportation Services use the Agile FleetCommander System.

University Transportation Services' dispatch system will allow you to reserve, change or cancel reservations 24/7 from your electronic devices. If you are part of a student organization, follow the directions under Student Organization Travel.

Reservations require the following information:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Pickup date and time
  • Return date and time
  • Destination
  • Business Purpose
  • Requester
  • Driver
  • Worktag (including Department Detail if required by your organization)
  • Phone number and department name
  • Number of passengers in vehicle including the driver

Please noteWith the kiosk system, vehicle pickup is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system will allow you to pick up the vehicle 15 minutes prior to, or any time after, your reservation start time, including weekends and holidays. Please see our three-minute training video for more information.

Large Passenger Van and Vehicles Towing Trailers Training

Large Passenger Van and Vehicles Towing Trailers training is a two-part training series. The online lecture must be completed before signing up for the driving observation.

The training is required for all undergraduate and graduate students driving a large vehicle or any vehicle towing a trailer for university business. The class is also required for anyone driving the above mentioned vehicles for any Student Organization Travel regardless of employment status. * Drivers for large passenger vans or any vehicle towing a trailer need to be at least 18 years old.

STEP 1: To complete the online training:

  1. Log in to Learn@ISU using your NetID and password.
  2. Search Large Passenger Van and Vehicles Towing Trailers Driving Training.
  3. Launch the course.
  4. Complete the course and score 90% or higher on the quiz

STEP 2: To register for the in-person driving observation:

Sign up for a driving time at Van and Trailer - Driving. The in-person driving observation portion of the training will be offered at various times throughout the year. The online lecture and quiz must be completed before signing up for the driving observation.

CDL Operators

An annual MVR, CDL, and FMCSA Clearinghouse check is required for all CDL drivers. The CDL process is managed by the Designated Employer Representative (DER). More information related to the CDL program can be found on the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Drug Alcohol Testing website.

Authorized Passengers

Only authorized passengers may ride in university vehicles. Authorized passengers include:

  • Iowa State University and Regent employees and students while conducting university business
  • Members of officially recognized Iowa State University student organizations while on approved university travel
  • Approved volunteers while on approved university travel
  • Guests of the university participating in official university business

Passengers in university vehicles must be:

  • At least 18 years of age (with the exception of enrolled ISU students under the age of 18 or authorized participants of an approved ISU youth program), AND
  • An ISU employee acting within the scope of their employment or delegated responsibilities, OR
  • An ISU student or non-student on the membership roster of the organization renting the vehicle, OR
  • An authorized ISU volunteer, OR
  • Guests of the university participating in a registered event and operated consistent with any specific travel arrangements or restrictions.

Unauthorized Passengers

Unauthorized passengers are prohibited in university vehicles. Examples of unauthorized passengers may include:

  • Student organization members not listed on the passenger list.
  • Spouses, children or other family members under the age of 18.
  • Friends, neighbors, or the general public, including employees who fall into these categories unless traveling for a university business purpose.

Unauthorized passengers are not covered by the Regents institutions' insurance. In extenuating circumstances, a request for authorization for passengers otherwise considered unauthorized must be submitted in writing and approved by the Office of Risk Management before travel occurs.

Animal Transport

All personnel who transport live animals on an approved IACUC protocol must follow the procedures outlined in the Live Animal Transport SOP document located on the Office of Research Ethics SOP Folder.

Appeal Process

Individuals may appeal vehicle use restrictions to the fleet safety review board. Appeals must be submitted in writing to mvr@iastate.edu within 10 business days of receiving notice of a denied MVR check. Appeals should include a statement of appeal and any additional documentation which may include accident reports, insurance documentation, or other supplemental materials. Individuals will be notified via email of the fleet safety review board decision on the appeal within 5 business days.

The decision of the fleet safety review board may be appealed to the Associate Vice President and Chief of Police via email within 5 business days of receiving the decision notification email from the fleet safety review board. Individuals will be notified via email of the Associate Vice President and Chief of Police’s decision on the final appeal within 5 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions


An approved MVR check is valid for 12 months, pending no further violation(s) that may impact your driving eligibility status occur during that time period.

Please contact the Office of Risk Management to discuss further.

If you have no plans to drive a university vehicle within the next 12 months, you do not need to report your driving infraction.  However, if you regularly or periodically drive a university-owned vehicle as part of your job duties, please notify the Office of Risk Management via email within 48 hours of any violation(s).

If you regularly drive a university-owned vehicle, it is recommended you complete your MVR check as early as possible, to ensure it has been completed in time for your need to drive the vehicle.  All MVR checks should be requested at least 7 business days prior to your trip to ensure the check is completed in time. 

Please notify the Office of Risk Management within 48 hours of any violation(s) that may impact your driving eligibility status.

Individuals may submit a new MVR check request once their driving history record meets the criteria for eligible drivers as outlined in the Fleet Safety/Vehicle Use procedures. Please re-request an MVR check at that time.

The SR-22 status must be officially removed from your license by the DOT (Department of Transportation). Once you have successfully completed that step, you can re-request an MVR check at that time.

No, eligible drivers must have a valid US driver’s license.

Our motor vehicle record check service does not currently provide access to driving history data for residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, or any other US territory. Please contact the Office of Risk Management to discuss your options.

HireRight is Iowa State University’s third party background check provider.  University Human Resources uses HireRight for all hiring background check processes and requirements, and the Office of Risk Management contracts with HireRight to process all required background checks, including youth program staff, volunteers, and drivers of university vehicles. ISU’s procurement services, risk management, and university counsel are all involved in the contracting process with such vendors to review terms and conditions concerning privacy and security.

Updated June 30, 2023