If you are part of a student organization, you need to use the Student Organization and Travel Authorization (SOTA) system. See the Student Organization Travel page.

Transportation Services' reservation system, Agile FleetCommander, will allow you to reserve, pick-up, return, change or cancel reservations 24/7 from your electronic devices. Each driver and requestor will need to fill out a user profile prior to your first reservation on the system. See below for details.
If you have any questions, please call 515-294-1882.


Reservations require the following information:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Pickup date and time
  • Return date and time
  • Destination
  • Business Purpose
  • Requester
  • Driver
  • Worktag (including Department Detail if required by your organization)
  • Phone number and department name
  • Number of passengers in vehicle including the driver

Vehicle pickup and return is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the kiosk system. The kiosk will allow you to pick up the vehicle 15 minutes prior to, or anytime after, your reservation start time, including weekends and holidays.

Getting Started - All drivers

Students driving 15 passenger vans or towing a trailer need to complete the Large Passenger Van and Vehicles Towing Trailers class. As for faculty and staff, van/trailer training is only needed if driving for a student organization.

  1. All drivers of university owned vehicles need to have a current Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check. MVR checks are required by the Fleet Safety and Vehicle Use/Rental policy and need to be updated every twelve months.
  2. After your MVR has been approved, fill out an Agile FleetCommander Profile. This profile will be sent to our pending queue, where our staff will review and send a "Welcome" email. *Please use your Net-ID as the username (your Iowa State email without @iastate.edu). Your password will be the same as your email password.
  3. After you receive the "Welcome" email, you will be able to access your reservation online using the kiosk at Transportation Services. For new kiosk users, please watch our 3-minute training video.

NOTE: Students and faculty driving for a student organization need to arrange travel through the SOTA system. All students need to complete the van and trailer training sessions before driving a 15 passenger vehicle or a vehicle with a trailer.

CAR System-UTS Kiosk

Watch this quick three-minute tutorial video on using the kiosk.

  • Access the ISU fleet anytime, 24 hours per day including weekends and holidays 
  • Availability on weekends for booked reservations 
  • Located in the vestibule at UTS 
  • User-friendly touch screen 
  • Keys are securely locked

Frequently Asked Questions

All daily, seasonal and student organization rentals for University business.

Registered users can use their regular NetID and password, similar to signing in to Okta. Do not include @iastate.edu in the NetID. An RFID reader is available to scan an ISUCard. Complete the online form to register to use the RFID reader here

Yes, via the staff members at the dispatch desk during normal business hours.

Drivers' vehicles can park in any numbered spot and are no longer required to have a permit on their dash.

Use the WEX Fuel Card, similar to other filling stations. 

Any driver with the confirmation number and Agile profile can use their own NetID to pick up the vehicle.

For further questions, please contact Transportation Services during regular business hours by phone at 515-294-1882 or email transdispatch@iastate.edu.