Transportation Services offers multiple reservation types to best accommodate the department's needs and budget.


Daily rentals are perfect for using a vehicle less than 30 days. The daily rate includes 70 miles per day. If the trip averages more than 70 miles per day for the rental period then the mileage rate applies instead of the daily rate. Reduced half-day rates are available for quick trips less than 6 hours and less than 35 miles round-trip. 


Seasonal rentals are meant for departments that need their vehicle for a longer term, but do not need them year-around. The seasonal rate includes 900 miles per month. Miles are averaged over the entire term, and any miles over 900 per month are billed at the mileage rate at the end of the term.


Yearly rentals are for vehicles permanently assigned to a department for a term greater than one year. The monthly usage rate is set based on the vehicle, then all miles traveled are billed at a lower cost-per-mile rate than other rentals.