Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ChargePoint Station

ISU Parking Division, Facilities Planning and Management, and Transportation Services worked collaboratively to bring the electric car to the Iowa State University fleet. Two Level 2 ChargePoint charging stations have been installed at the Transportation Services depot. They are capable of charging four cars at one time. The charging stations are open for the public to use during the day.

When choosing this type of vehicle in our online Agile Fleet Commander site, your request will automatically go into a “pending” status. Our staff will reach out to the driver to make sure they are comfortable with the electric vehicle and verify the trip length to ensure that the electric vehicle is a good fit prior to changing the status of the reservation to “approved.” The Bolt’s are on lot 110 near the west end of the Firemanship Service Training Building, plugged into the chargers.

Anyone is allowed to charge their electric vehicle at the new charging stations. They are managed by Iowa State’s Parking Division, and will function similar to a parking meter on campus. The maximum allowable time a non-ISU vehicle can be in the charging station is 4 hours.  The cost is $1.25 per hour, similar to other parking stalls on campus.

To start the charging session, users will need to download the ChargePoint App from either Apple’s app store or Google Play, or obtain a personal ChargePoint Card. Users can register at https://www.chargepoint.com/. Once the user is logged in, select the station, and follow the prompts in the app.

The university owned electric vehicles will utilize the chargers in the evening and overnight hours to allow daytime usage to the public.