Fuel Services

Iowa State University offers three different types of fuel for its fleet, plus electric hookups for plug-in vehicles.  Diesel is only used in select vehicles requiring diesel fuel. Gasoline with 10% ethanol is for all non-diesel vehicles. E-85 is available to all flex fuel vehicles.  E-85 vehicles may also be fueled with unleaded gasoline but is not recommended when an E-85 fuel pump is available.


We offer all fuel pumps for all of our vehicles and other state owned vehicles at our Haber Road location in Ames. Fueling at the Ames site keeps fuel cost down.

If you require a new fuel key or replacement WEX card please contact our office.


The Driver ID code is located in the "What to do in case..." packet provided in each vehicle.
If you need additional assistance, please contact our office at 515-294-1882.