COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

In these disruptive and uncertain times, everything is changing by the hour. Our staff members want to remind our customers that although travel is limited, we are here and open to serve your vehicle needs for approved travel. We've added extra cleaning procedures to our vehicles, our office areas and our kiosk. The health and safety of our faculty, staff and students is our top priority.

Our department has received numerous questions, the most frequently asked questions are outlined below. Additionally, up-to-date information on university travel restrictions is available on the ISU COVID-19 safety webpage.


Q1. Is travel allowed at the current time in a university vehicle?

A1. The new domestic travel restriction applies to university-related interstate travel. Faculty, staff, and students are not to travel out of state for non-essential university business. Travel exception requests should be submitted to and must demonstrate that the travel is essential to the operation of Iowa State University, that no alternative method of convening is possible, and that the health and safety of Iowa State employees will be appropriately managed.

At this time, we are not recalling faculty, staff, and students who are currently on university-related domestic travel.

Travel within the state of Iowa can continue. That said, the university strongly recommends that, where possible and practical, decisions are made to reduce in-state travel, consistent with our goal of taking reasonable actions to reduce transmission risk. 

Some factors to consider when evaluating in-state travel include: whether the activity is necessary to enable a student to remain on-track for degree completion; whether the activity could be postponed, moved online, or done by phone; the number of attendees and whether the attendees can practice social distancing (e.g. sitting at least six feet apart); and whether the activity supports a critical issue or need in an Iowa community.

Please note that policy regarding travel may change with little or no advance notice. We will continue to share new information through these university communications and on the campus safety page, so please check that site regularly.

Q2. If I am required to work from home by my supervisor, will I still have to pay for my Van Pool spot?

A2. Transportation Services has different situations in each van pool. Our policy asks that you a two-week notice prior to withdrawing from the van pool. However, we understand riders were not necessarily provided a two-weeks notice to work from home. Riders can email our director Kathy Wellik at to inquire about their particular circumstances, and we will be as fair as possible with the process.

Q3. Can I get my vehicle serviced?

A3. Yes, at this time we are still open. However, we do have some staff working from home. This is one of those times were if you were too busy with work to get something fixed or your oil changed now is a quiet time to do so. Please continue to call 515-294-7552 to schedule service vehicle repair needs.

Q4. Can we still get fuel for our university owned vehicles during this time?

A4. Yes, we have staff monitoring the fuel levels, and it is still business as usual at Transportation Services.

Q5. If I had a daily vehicle reservation for a trip that was cancelled due to Covid 19, will I be charged for cancelling the reservation?

A5. No, we are not charging for cancelled reservations.

Q6. What do I do if I have a yearly/seasonal leased vehicle and my travel is now limited?

A6. Transportation Services asks that you keep your yearly vehicles in your departments. Things are changing so quickly and we do not know how we will all be affected. Again, please keep your vehicles in your departments as we do not have the storage capacity for these vehicles at Transportation Services, and you may need your vehicle again sooner than you may anticipate.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to Kathy Wellik, Director, at or 515-509-1686.

Thank you for your business and understanding during this critical time.