Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Driver ID located for refueling?

A: The Driver ID (PIN) code for fueling is located in the "What to do in case..." packet provided in each vehicle.

Q: What sign on do I use to get into the Agile computer in the kiosk?

A: Drivers will use their regular netid and password. Do not include in the NetID.

Q: The reservation was made by someone else, can I still use the kiosk system?

A: As long as you have the confirmation number and an Agile profile you can pick up the vehicle. Anyone with an Agile profile can return a vehicle.

Q: Previously I used a FOB to access the fuel pumps at UTS. How do I access them now?

A: Use the provided WEX Fuel Card, similar to other filling stations.

Q: Do I need a parking pass for a University Vehicle on campus?

A: Yes. Daily and seasonal parking passes are available for sale via a staff member at the dispatch desk during normal business hours. 

Q: Does my personal vehicle need a parking permit in the UTS lot?

A: Drivers’ vehicles are not required to have a permit on their dash to park in Lot 110. Additional passengers may pick up a parking pass at the UTS dispatch desk for Lot 112N. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Reservations must be cancelled with 24 hours notice, otherwise a 1 day charge for the vehicle will be charged to your account. 

Q: Do I need my drivers license to pick-up a vehicle?

A: Only for yearly pick-ups and picking up vehicles in for maintenance. Rentals through the kiosk system will utilize the user's netID and password for verification.

Q: Do I need to bring anything when checking a vehicle back in?

A: Yes, you need to bring the keys to the vehicle along with the current (ending) mileage and parking stall number for the vehicle. Returns will be dispatched in through the kiosk. A three-minute kiosk training video is available here.

Q: How do I register to reserve a vehicle for the first time?

A: Please visit our First Time Drivers page for more information!

Q: I forgot to get an item from my car upon returning my vehicle. Do you have a Lost and Found?

A: Please call our dispatch office at (515) 294-1882 option 1. We will do our best to find it! Items left with us over 3 months ago will be turned in to ISU Surplus.

Q: Who is responsible for paying for tolls?

A: The responsibility of paying for tolls is with the customer. All tolls should be paid as you pass them. If we get a ticket in the mail stating you missed some tolls, we do require that you pay them online or via mail.

Q: Last time I rented my fuel card was declined when I was traveling long distance. How can I prevent this from happening again?

A: The fuel cards that each vehicle has have a maximum usage limit for daily use. When you're going on long distance trips, please let us know if you think you will need to fuel more often than normal so we can temporarily increase the limit.

Q: Do I have to refuel the car upon return?

A: Yes, vehicles that are returned having not been refueled are subject to a $25.00 refueling fee.

Q: What training is required in order to allow me to drive an ISU vehicle?

A: Please visit our training website to answer some questions regarding your unique situation:

Q: My trip is complete. Where can I find my final billing information?

A: Final billing reports can be found on the Reservation Report in Agile FleetCommander under "My Schedule". Select "All Requests", then click on the blue/green square next to the reservation you need. Alternatively, they can be found on Workday after the end of the month.