Affiliate Employees

Affiliate employees may be granted the permission to drive university vehicle for university business pending they meet the following criteria.

* Maintain a valid U.S. Drivers License for the type of vehicle being driven.

* Successfully complete the Large Passenger Van and Vehicles Towing Trailer Class if driving a 15 passenger van or any vehicle towing a trailer. (Must be at least 20 years old to qualify)

* Successfully complete a Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) based upon the following driving standards.


Driving privileges for individuals will be denied or revoked if a driver's past twelve-month driving record indicates any of the following:

  • Two citations for a moving violation within the last 12 months.
  • Two accidents within the last 12 months where the driver was at fault or contributory. The definition of "at-fault accident" for this policy means an accident in which the driver is determined to be 50 percent or more responsible for the accident.
  • One accident where the driver was at fault or contributory and one moving violation within the last 12 months.
  • Any citation for blood alcohol content within the last 12 months. Cases not yet resolved in the courts will be considered grounds for temporarily denying permission to drive a university vehicle.
  • A licensing requirement for specialized motor vehicle insurance (i.e., SR) to operate a vehicle.
  • Conviction for reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, license suspension or other crime(s) that results in license suspension.
  • Conviction or charges pending due to a violation of statutes that affects his/her driver's license, or who has his/her driving privileges suspended, revoked, or barred for violating such statutes including, but not limited to, Operating While Intoxicated, vehicular homicide or habitual violations, or any driving offense punishable as a felony.

Individual drivers approved to drive university vehicles the Office of Risk Management when their driver's license is suspended, revoked, cancelled or the driver is otherwise prohibited from operating a university motor vehicle.