Student Organization Travel

All Student Organization Travel must be booked through the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) System.

Click here to transfer to the SOTA system.

You may find the complete Student Organization Travel Policy by clicking the below link:

Student Organization Travel Policy

* Please note mandatory training is required for all 15 passenger vans and any vehicle towing a trailer for student organization travel.
This includes all drivers regardless if they are full-time faculty or staff.

Student Organization Driver Training

Updated January 2020

All student organization members who wish to drive for their student organization travel must take the Student Organization Driver Training before they travel. This driver training is now in Learn @ ISU! If you took the driver training prior to January 2020 you must retake this class in order to drive for a Student Organization.

How to sign up for Student Organization Driver Training
1) Go to Learn @ ISU. Log in and click on "Course Catalog." Navigate down to the "Office of Risk Management" folder and expand it. Click "Launch" next to "Transportation Services - Student Organization Driver Policy and Safety Training." You will need to allow pop-ups in your browser for

2) Once you navigate to the course, you must watch the Student Organization Driver Training video, review the appropriate policies and procedures, and complete the online Driver Training quiz. You must score at least 80% to pass.

3)After you have successfully passed the Student Organization Driver Training Quiz, you are approved to drive all University vehicles with the exception of 15 passenger vans and towing a trailer, which require additional training. Your Student Organization Driver Training is valid for as long as you are an Iowa State student.