Student Organization Travel

All Student Organization Travel must be booked through the Student Organization Travel Authorization (SOTA) System.

You may find the complete Student Organization Travel Policy by clicking the below link:


* Please note mandatory training is required for all 15 passenger vans and any vehicle towing a trailer for student organization travel. This includes all drivers regardless if they are full-time faculty or staff.

*NEW* Student Organization Driver Training 

All student organization members who wish to drive for their student organization travel must take the NEW Student Organization Driver Training before they travel.

*Note: if you have already taken the previous 15-passenger van training, you are exempt from the new driver training. Moving forward driver training and 15-passenger van training will be separate, and anyone needing to take 15-passenger van training who had not previously will also need to take this new driver training.

How to sign up for Student Organization Driver Training

1) Go to, click "Login" at the top and sign in with your ISU netID and password

2) Click on "Course Catalog" at the top of the page and scroll down to the "Office of Risk Management" folder

3) To the right of "Student Organization Driver Training" click "List Events"

4) Choose one of the seven sessions available and click "Enroll" next to the date and time you wish to take the training

5) A popup window will then display, and you can click the "Register" button

6) You can manage your course enrollments from the Learn@ISU Home page. Edits can be made to which session you are attending until 24 hours before the session begins